What Is Illusions

Magic Shop San Diego and 3 Generations Inc. is proud to present to you an experience like no other.

After selecting your choice of amazing dinners prepared by the chef in our new kitchen built especially for Illusions theatre.  And select the time, date and type of ticket you would like. You will then receive an entry pass and where to be to start your journey into the Illusions theatre. Please arrive early to find parking. San Diego can be tough sometimes to find parking. When you arrive to the location that is on the confirmation email. You will be given some instructions on how to enter the Illusions theatre. Don’t worry its not that hard to figure it out. BUT after you enter the secret entrance you have found yourself in an escape room. Uh oh …… this might be a little tougher but don’t worry you’ll figure it out (eventually). If you get stuck we have a magical way to get you in. When you enter the Illusions theatre you are greeted by the host, the ambience of Illusions Theatre and the cheers from other guest that you have made it through the entrance and escape room. After you are seated in our intimate dinner theatre, you will enjoy the magic all around you. There is magic in the air. While admiring the theatre and enjoying a drink. Our house magicians will come to your table with amazing feats of prestidigitation (that’s award winning sleight of hand). A short time later after being amazed with the magic, ambience, drinks and maybe even an appetizer if you have the munchies. We now began your 3-course dinner.   The delicious dinner you’ve selected is especially and carefully prepared and served to you on your beautifully set table. After your dinner we clear the tables and prepare for your dessert. Now, I have to tell you that the dessert presentation is something I think you have never seen before. It is the most amazing thing you have ever seen. I am not going to tell you anymore. Just trust me you will love it. After dessert, prepare yourself for the parlor show. The show has been especially designed for Illusions Theatre. It’s not just a magic show. It’s a journey and test through your mind. Unexplainable things will happen. The show is based on the history of the Kellogg family. We have searched through several hundreds of years of past history of the Kellogg family to bring you an amazing journey of our magic. We will be performing some past magic that is 100’s of years old. Also some present magic. All to keep our Kellogg magic history alive. The whole journey from when you arrive to the secret location to the end when the parlor show is preformed is approximately 2 ½ hours. The Kellogg family appreciates you in keeping the magic alive.


Thank you, James Kellogg